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Autological Comic
for Jason Overby
to Sing

March 2014
16 pages – full color -
hand crafted cover

2.75″ x 4.25″

Self explanatory comic. Made on a cell phone, printed on a desktop printer.

This tiny book combines abstract imagery with an ostensible slice-of-life narrative thread. Each copy comes with a one-of-a-kind, hand-made cover. Recommended for readers with patience and good eyes (or access to some kind of magnifying device).

$1 + shipping

December remembers November

January 2014
60 pages – b&w – color cover

5.25″ x 7.625″

A thirty-day diary.

Memory, nostalgia, music, dreams, and death. A sixty page booklet collecting my autobiographical strips made during the month of November, 2013, and then altered and rearranged over the following month of December.

Incidentally, this is also the first ever print collection of my long-running ‘mostly banal’ diary comic strips.

$7 + shipping


August 2010
55 pages – b&w – wraparound cover

10″ x 35′ 5″
Accordion folded to 10″ x 7 3/4″.

This unpronouncably titled, uniquely formatted, Xeric self publishing grant awarded story follows a disparate cast as they search for love, adventure, security, or revenge (though not necessarily in that order).

Presented as one continuous strip with branching and crossing contiguous storylines, the book can be read page by page, or pulled out to it’s full 35+ foot length and read in a single line (if you’ve got room).
Secretly, it’s just a great big gag strip.

$13 + shipping

Two for No

September 2013
20 pages – b&w – color cover

5.5″ x 8.5″

A mini comic collecting the first run of my webcomic with Alexander Danner. Drawing on the theories of Linguist Neil Cohn and the rigors of poetry’s formal structures (but expressed not so much as poetry but as microfiction) each strip is a small story. Realistic fiction, science fiction, autobiography mix indiscriminately in a variety of tones and styles. Written by Alexander, drawn by me.

Nine one-page strips and one four-page story, plus an intro and an explanation of our structures.

$4 + shipping

Anthologies and other work:

Other Worlds Omnibus

September 2013
188 pages – b&w –

My contribution:
Digital Breath – 3 pages, written and drawn by me
The Mix – 50 pages, adapted from a short story by Justin Zimmerman

Other Worlds is a collection of unrelated short fictions written by Justin Zimmerman (with one exception) and drawn by a rotating cast of collaborators.

I have two stories in the book:

Digital Breath is a short extrapolation on (perceived) binary systems in which I managed to accomplish everything I attempted without actually making a whole lot of sense. A man tries to comprehend a world he doesn’t fully parse. Briefly: he fails. It’s also about robots without actually featuring a robot.
It reproduces handsomely in the book. Read it here.

The Mix is a kind of castration fantasy and features some NSFW imagery. A summer camp field trip dissolves in chaos and psychological horror as an armed and apparently unhinged intruder forces his way onto the bus. It’s been called “amateurish” and “nonsensical,” though I disagree with one or both of those assessments. It’s somewhat different than most of my other comics work.
The first ten or so pages (20% of the story!) are seen here.

I have a few copies available.

$20 + shipping