December remembers

Autological Comic for Jason Overby to Sing

I’ve got a small new book at the shop that I made on my cell phone. I don’t want to tell you what it’s about, but it’s only $1 so it wouldn’t take too much to find out.

(you could also read it at my tumblr)

New Comic!

December remembers November, my collection of diary strips done during Derik Badman’s 30-Days-of-Comics initiative last year, is now available at the shop. I self published only a very small run of these. Memory, nostalgia, pop music, and death, wrapped up in an adorable little book.


Couple of new books added to the shop: Two for No, collecting the first run of strips from my webcomic with Alexander Danner, and the Other Worlds anthology which features two stories totaling 53 pages of comics by me.

I’m trying to raise money for a couple of new projects: I’m collecting my thirty-days-of-comics posts from this year into a new book, and have another new mini called Facsimile ready to go along with it. I’ll also finally be printing my long gestating full color collection, This Is [Not] A Comic, early next year. That is, if I work up enough funds.

Two for No

I’m drawing a new webcomic series called Two for No. The weekly strips are designed under various sets of formal constraints, using parts of Neil Cohn’s theories on visual language and the projection of a formal poetic structure onto comics. If that doesn’t get ya, I don’t know what will.

They’re conceived and scripted by Alexander Danner, and start running Monday, June 10 at

30 Days Of Comics

I’m participating in Derik Badman’s Thirty Days of Comics this year. I will be making and posting one comic for each day over the course of November. Check out the link above to see the other fantastic cartoonists involved, or follow #30dayscomics on Twitter.

I’ll post each comic on the following day (’cause I draw these late at night) both here and at my blog.