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For Jon Morris' BOO! Halloween Stories 2007.
A 4-pager written by Jon and embellished by me.
A short, goofy little sketchbook comic
written for a web-collaborative of epic proportions.
The first part here was generously acquiesced to
by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics.

A bittersweet story of lost love and garbage cans.
Written for my friend Jeff. One Page

A 3-page short for Jon Morris' CALAMITY! comics-jam.
Check out all the other cool strips there too!

(This comic is hosted at Jon Morris' Ape-Law site)

A (mostly) true* account of one night's activity
told in sixty vectorized panels.
(*Please note that "true story" does not always equate to "interesting story")

A short strip about the joys of new parenthood.

Paranoid delusion or good clean fun?
It's up to you.

A one page gag strip.

A joke with two punchlines. It's bilingual fun.
Based on a true story.

Presented with Infinite Canvas

I'm really not as paranoid as this makes me look.


Chapter one, part two.
A comics story in six proposed chapters.

Presented with Infinite Canvas

Chronicling an obsession.
It's autobiographical!

Well... Don't they?

Presented with Infinite Canvas

A bold experiment in interactive storytelling using a gag-strip format or some light entertainment with which to while away your time. You decide.

Presented with Infinite Canvas
Reviewed by Dani Atkinson at Sequential Tart (click here)

Chapter one, part one.
A comics story in six proposed chapters.

Presented with Infinite Canvas
Reviewed by Neal VonFlue at the Webcomics Examiner
click here and scroll to the bottom)